Should we work together?
Let's see if we are a match.

As a client, finding the right designer or developer for a project is hard. You have to form a trust and be willing to invest in the right person or firm. The same can be said about finding the right clients. Here's how I evaluate whether or not a project and client is right for my team.

  • We're a match. Let's do this.
    • You have a budget and timeline.
    • You value a design process and understand it's role in your project.
    • You need a custom solution to meet your business needs.
    • You need leadership on the technology front to help you solve and implement a working solution for day one.
  • Maybe we should see other people.
    • You needed it yesterday.
    • You need a WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. type of CMS site built.
    • You need a developer to make small updates to your exisiting site.
    • You want me to work for free.
    • You're offering equity as payment.

A small collection
of some recent work.

  • Schlep


    Say hello to Schlep. A crowd-sourced platform that connects businesses and individuals who need to move large or awkward items with the muscle and truck needed to get the job done. Think of them as Your Neighbor With A Truck™. I worked along side Schlep to help design, test and develop their core web and mobile products.


    UX + UI, Full-stack Development

  • MODe


    It's not a juice. It's fuel. My team at Made By Munsters and I worked with MODe to create a unique shopping experience. The overall goal of this project was to produce a marketing site that informed customers about this new product and design a simple shopping flow. Our design team did just that for MODe.


    Front-end Development, Shopify Integration

  • Roundup


    Leave poor client communication in the past. Roundup, a responsive web application, helps small internal or small to large design and development firms keep their clients up to date. Each week it scraps a set of third-party applications and relays that data via email or chat message to your clients which keeps them in the loop.


    UX + UI, Full-stack Development

  • Atomizer


    As a company, my client uses data to optimize and improve the entire customer life-cycle for brands. With their partners, my client focuses on discovering and building the best marketing tools for customer acquisition. Made By Munsters and I helped design and develop a tool to test call scripts and increase their conversion rates.

    UX + UI, Front-end Development

  • Fuse


    Data runs my client's company. Using various assets on partner website's, our client collects bits of information on their partners' users to better help solve their problems. However, they were struggling to manage the assets used to collect this data. That's where Made By Munsters and I stepped in.

    UX + UI, Pattern Library Development

A few ramblings.
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